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August 2020

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Free Business Checking and Free Personal Checking
Now Available at Heritage Bank of Nevada

Welcome to Heritage Bank Checking

BUSINESS CHECKING choices include:
Business Analysis Checking
Totally FREE Business Checking

PERSONAL CHECKING choices include:
Premier Interest Checking
50+ Interest Checking
Easy Interest Checking
Totally FREE Checking

EVERY business and personal checking account includes:
FREE Instant Issue VISA Debit Card
FREE Online Banking & Bill Pay
FREE Mobile Banking

STOP by any Heritage Bank branch to find out more, and to open your Heritage Bank Personal and/or Business checking account.

Heritage Bank Branch Lobbies Opening Soon
All Heritage Bank branch lobbies are schedule to open on Monday, August 31st



All of our Heritage Bank branch lobbies are scheduled to open their doors on Monday, August 31st,
unless dictated otherwise by Governor Sisolak.

With our lobbies open, we will request that you please:

  1. Do not enter if you are not feeling well. You are free to use our drive-up teller, online or mobile banking.  

  2.  Observe social distancing. Please stay 6 feet away from others whenever possible.

 Wearing a face mask is REQUIRED - for all our safety.

We look forward to seeing you!

Common Fraud Scenarios for Small Businesses to Avoid
Fraudulent practices small business owners should know about

While large businesses can implement internal checks and balances for their accounting systems, small businesses often lack the resources to do so, making them even more vulnerable to certain types of fraud.

Keep Your Data Safe from Cyberattacks
How to shield your business from sophisticated online criminals

Cyberattacks cost businesses billions of dollars a year, and it’s essential to take your company’s risk seriously.

Improve Your Office Ergonomics
How to implement a more suitable work environment

Make sure staff members are comfortable in your small business’s workspace by evaluating and improving office ergonomics.

Getting the Answers You Need From Exit Interviews
Say more than just farewell

Losing an employee to another workplace is never a great thing, but it can be a good learning opportunity if you play your cards right.

Persuasion Tactics For Your Next Pitch Meeting
Strategies to maximize your sales

Even if you’ve got a great product, it can be tough to craft an effective sales pitch around it. The persuasiveness of your next pitch meeting could be the difference between closing a deal and losing the sale.

Big Tax Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid
Common tax errors that could be costly for your business

Tax season is never a fun time of the year, but it’s important not to treat doing your taxes as yet another item to quickly cross off your to-do list, especially as the owner of a small business.

Preventing Flat Tires
How to prevent your car’s tires from falling flat
Paying attention to the condition, health and inflation of your tires can help safeguard you from dangerous driving situations like a flat tire or …

6 Fascinating Biographies to Read This Year
Learn about the lives and legacies of these great Americans
The best biographies shed light on past lives while illuminating the present at the same time.

Tips for Picking the Right Apartment for Your Lifestyle
Make sure you have the right priorities
When you’re looking for the right apartment, you need to keep in mind what you need to support your lifestyle, like rent range, size, location and …

7 Essential Toolbox Items for Your Home
Whether you’re a DIY master or a total novice, these tools are a must-have
When you’re gearing up for a DIY project or preparing for simple maintenance around your apartment, you can’t go wrong stocking your toolbox with …

Autumn Homeowner’s Checklist
How to get your house ready for cold weather
This year, ensure peace of mind by making sure your house and property are prepared for cold weather.

4 Must-Read Cookbooks for 2020
Check out these culinary adventure guides
If you’re doing a little more home cooking these days, odds are that you’re hungry for some inspiration.

Social Media Tips for Parents
Tips to help your child safely engage in social media
Social media offers an opportunity to connect and share with others, but it can also expose your child to bullying, negativity and potentially …

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