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 409-763-1271 February 2021

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Got A Budget?
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Gayle Culling
Senior Vice President

We are excited to announce new budgeting software available to our customers within internet banking- Money Management! Not only can you keep track of spending from your accounts at HomeTown Bank, but you can also link any account from any institution to budget from all accounts accordingly. Once your accounts have been added, simply log in to see all your balances on one dashboard and keep track of your universal spending. Money Management will list your recent transactions into categories. You may change these categories, choose subcategories, and decrease or increase your budget within that category for the month. It is completely personalized! The software will also provide a visual “spending chart” and “trends” so you can see -at a glance- the categories that complete the majority of your budget.   Want to budget on the go? Open your HomeTown Bank app on your smartphone and you’ll notice the new “Money Management” option in the lower right corner next to “More”. We hope you’ll try Money Management today and remember, our eBanking team is standing by to help you with each step. They are happy to speak with you Monday- Friday 8:30am-5:00pm and Saturdays 9:00am-12:00pm at 409) 763-1271 or

Gayle Culling
Senior Vice President

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