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Is Online Banking Safe?
by Gayle Culling, Vice President
There is no doubt that Online Banking has revolutionized the world of personal finance but as head of the Electronic Banking department I am frequently asked �Is it safe?�  Online Banking is safe, and HomeTown Bank has security measures in place to insure that.  Some of these features include data encryption, multifactor authentication, access controls, and monitoring procedures to protect your account information. Even with all of these security measures in place, you are your own best protection when it comes to your online account.  Here are some suggestions on keeping your online account secure.

Make sure your computer has up to date Anti-Virus protection. They protect your computer and personal information from viruses and malware.

Have a strong password and keep it confidential. Your password acts like the key to your account so make it unique and hard to figure out. Do not use your birthday, kid�s or dog�s name or your phone number. The strongest passwords are a combination of letters and numbers that also include special characters such as &,*, $, %.

Beware of suspicious emails. Crooks may email you asking you for personal information such as passwords or pin numbers. These emails are getting quite sophisticated and it is hard to tell them apart from the real thing. If you ever get an email that you are unsure of, contact the bank immediately, and never give out your personal information or password.

Avoid accessing your online banking when using public Wi-Fi such as libraries and coffee shops. Public networks can easily be hacked into. So, if you are going to access your account, temporarily turn off your Wi-Fi on your phone and use your mobile connection which is very difficult for an outsider to access.

Monitor your account frequently. Check for any unauthorized transactions and notify the bank immediately if something looks suspicious.

Set up account notifications. With our online banking you are able to set up text or email notifications to alert you to certain activity on your account. For example, if your account falls below a certain balance or a withdrawal exceeds a specified amount you will receive a message. If you notice activity that looks suspicious, contact the bank as soon as possible.

Online banking is getting easier and more convenient every day with new features like mobile deposits and POP Money transfers. With some cautious behavior and creative passwords your accounts will stay safe and you will reap the benefits of our banks new and ever growing list of online products. Thank you for entrusting HomeTown Bank with all of your financial needs and services.
50th Anniversary photos

Thank you to all customers who joined us for our Anniversary Ribbon Cutting and who visited their local branches on Friday, June 24th for our anniversary fun!

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Musical Beginnings

HomeTown Bank of League City was a recent sponsor in the Juneteenth event for the non-profit organization Musical Beginnings. Their donation funded music lessons for a child. Musical Beginnings provides music lessons to under privileged kids in the Galveston County Area. Pictured is HomeTown Bank New Account Representative Graylin Beals and Musical Beginning�s Sharon Barron (CEO/ Artistic Director).
Congratulations to our Anniversary Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to our Anniversary Giveaway Winners! Click here!

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Ana Mireles- Dominguez celebrates 20 years at HomeTown Bank!

Assistant Vice President Ana Mireles-Dominguez is in our Electronic Banking/ Customer Service Department and she is celebrating her 20th anniversary as a member of the HomeTown Team.
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