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First Bird Out of the Nest
by Scott Kusnerik, Executive Vice President
Scott Kusnerik
Executive Vice President
Fall is just around the corner and the school bells have rung! The streets are now busier during the morning commute as parents rush their children to preschools, elementary schools and high schools.

I recently had a �commute� to San Marcos for College! This year marks my daughter�s first one as a student at Texas State University.  After all the fun of her senior year at Ball High School in Galveston last year, moving her, my first child, to college involved many emotions. As I pushed the cart loaded with my daughter�s belongings up a four-story hill to her new home for the next four years, there was sadness, stress, anxiety, fear and love.   Sadness- knowing that you will only see her periodically from now on, and she is no longer a part of your everyday life.  Stress- which comes from dealing with �Move In Day� at the Dorm and thinking, �Do we have enough time? Do we have everything we need? Will we be able to find our way around the campus?�  Then, anxiety and fear- �Will she be okay?  Will she make good grades? Will she get along with her roommates and make new friends?� And finally, Love- the first child is always special and now my Baby Girl is not a baby anymore, and she is moving on to another stage in her life, and one that I have little control over. 

Here at HomeTown Bank, we know that you too may become nervous when making your banking decisions. Emotions arise and you may feel like financial security is an uphill push or wonder how much control you truly have if the future is unknown.  Our team of dedicated, community bankers is always ready and willing to support you on the account level with our many deposit and savings options or even with a loan- when times can be tough as well as in the good times when your business or �nest� is expanding, for instance.  And we are only a local phone call away!

I am going to miss my daughter�s daily smiles, her laughs, her unique personality, her relationship with her brother, who is now our �only� child at home.  But there came a time where we needed to let go as she left the nest and started to fly. I know now that I only have three more years with my son and plan to take full advantage of that time because it will be gone before I know it!

In the meantime, my daily routine as a community banker always keeps me happily busy, serving how I can and who I can for HomeTown Bank. I take pride in the quality of service that our team delivers and always look forward to this time of year when the weather is a bit cooler and Longhorn football begins. But what I�m looking forward to most, of course, is Thanksgiving- when college students typically visit the nest!
Happy Birthday, Alvin Branch!

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