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Happy Thanksgiving!
by Marvin Langston, Executive Vice President & Cashier
Thanksgiving is a day of family gatherings.  It is a day to watch parades and feast together.  It all has to be perfectly timed so that the meal ends prior to the football games which make up the afternoon.  Like it or not, retailers have even added shopping on the holiday to add a day to the Christmas retail frenzy.

We celebrate Thanksgiving and give thanks for our good health, our blessed  families, and the great opportunities that we have living in this country.  Like many things in our lives, we tend to want things faster and easier.  So instead of fixing dinner with all the trimmings, some opt to enjoy the Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant.  This is a great option that was not available years ago. I have tried it and it was wonderful.  However, in our case it was not easier.  We then missed the leftovers and bought a small turkey to cook just to have sandwiches for the following few days.

The bright and colorful parades are the highlight of the morning and the overly excessive meals are wonderful with everyone pitching in to help.  I have learned from several families that they celebrate Thanksgiving by opening their festivities to people that are away from home and people that may not have any relatives. They are invited to be part of their family for the day.  I see many families that go to help at food banks or to help serve at places such as the Salvation Army on Thanksgiving.  I have a name for the holiday for families that share their lives with others�Thanks4giving.

May we continue to be thankful for the blessings that have been granted to us, share a wonderful meal with family and friends, do things for others and still root for your favorite teams.

Thanks4giving and Happy Thanksgiving!
Budgeting Tips for Holiday Gift-Giving
The best ways to keep your personal finances in check this season

It�s no secret that the holiday season costs people a large chunk of money, what with all the spending on decorating, traveling, meal planning and more. One of the biggest sources of spending is gift-giving. The following are five tips for staying in budget:
How Online Banking Leads to Greater Awareness
Managing your accounts online helps with budgeting, spending and fraud prevention

Online banking, now accessible from any mobile device, helps people be more aware of their spending and bank account data. With online banking, it�s much easier to prevent and detect fraud, manage your budget and ensure bill payments are received by the correct institution.
Happy Boss�s Day, Jimmy Rasmussen!

We celebrated our President & CEO, Jimmy Rasmussen, with cake on October 17th- National Boss Day!
We will be Closed Friday, Nov. 11th for Veterans� Day.
We thank our Veterans for their service.

United Way Campaign!

We just wrapped up another successful campaign for United Way! HomeTown Bank Employees� annual fun includes the opportunity to participate in �theme days�. Click here to see a sample of the fun!
It�s Ten Years Tiffany Salinas!
Please join us in congratulating Tiffany Salinas, who is celebrating her 10th anniversary at HomeTown Bank!
Do you have a Christmas Club account?

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