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Community Photo Contest Winners Announced

We are excited to announce the winners of the annual community photo contest. Selected photos will be featured in community calendars and websites for Merrimack County Savings Bank (the Merrimack) and Meredith Village Savings Bank (MVSB), as well as on the websites for New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp, and MillRiver Wealth Management. Winning photos will also be featured in desk calendars, holiday cards and note cards. Calendars will be available to the public this fall at all MVSB and Merrimack branch offices.

This winning photo, “Crocus Bouquet," was taken by Elissa Paquette of Wolfeboro, NH and will be featured in the 2019 community calendar. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all those who participated!

When to Consider a Second Mortgage
When is it time to take out a second mortgage?

As your largest asset, your home carries a lot of weight in terms of your current financial health and your future financial goals. Using your home as collateral, you can acquire a second mortgage to rectify money troubles or attain something you’ve always dreamed of having for yourself. Whether to get out from under an outstanding debt or to renovate your kitchen, you must first determine if it’s appropriate to take out a second mortgage on your home.

Understanding Estate and Gift Taxes

There is an old expression that says, "You can't take it with you." If you are lucky enough to have a large estate, one of the biggest transfers at your death may be to the tax collector. Click on the headline above to learn more about estate and gift taxes that may apply to you and your loved ones and to download complimentary quick guides to help you make critical estate decisions.
Increase in Large Dollar Counterfeit Currency

We’ve recently been made aware of an increase in counterfeit $50 and $100 bills being circulated in the area. Be sure to review large bills carefully before accepting them and to remind your employees of your cash acceptance policies. Click the headline for the latest currency education tools from the US Secret Service.
Protecting Your Business from Malware
Safeguard your company’s data from potential cyber attacks

Malware is a threat to any corporation that stores employee and customer data. Help reduce your business’ risk of confidentiality breaches by implementing these strategies.

Slow Cooker Chocolate Lava Cake
A sweet, indulgent bake that’s a cinch to make

Everyone loves to bite into a warm, gooey dessert after dinner, but making such a dessert can take a lot of extra time and effort, especially if you’re hosting and feeding a large group of people. There’s a simple solution that most people don’t consider, though: using a slow cooker.

ABA Banking Journal Podcast: A Trio of Mutual Banks Find Savings Together

Listen in as Gregg Tewksbury, President and CEO of New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp and Phil Emma, President of the Merrimack, discuss how NHMB's mutual holding structure allows each bank to retain its unique community presence, while benefitting from shared services and values.
Mobile App Upgrade 5.10: Stop Payments Now Available

The latest version of the Merrimack Mobile App was released to the app stores on Tuesday, August 21. We always recommend updating to the latest version of the app as soon as it is available to ensure the highest level of security and functionality. Click the headline for a full list of updates.                                   
Changes to Service Charge-Free ATM Access

Due to a recent change in ownership of Rite Aid stores, Merrimack Debit and ATM cardholders will no longer receive service charge-free ATM access at Rite Aid locations. However, we are pleased to let you know that through our recent affiliation with Savings Bank of Walpole, cardholders now receive service charge-free ATM access at all Savings Bank of Walpole ATMs.

$200,000 Donated to Hawkins Brook Trail in Honor of Sam Laverack

The scenic, off-road trail known as Hawkins Brook Trail will soon become the Samuel Laverack Nature Trail. Meredith Village Savings Bank and the Merrimack recently contributed to the Meredith Village Pathways in honor of Sam Laverack, who retired as President and CEO of New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp in June.
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