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DIY Projects for a Cozy Home
Easy ways to keep your home cozy

Even if you don’t live in a region where winters hit extreme low temperatures, this time of year still tempts us to layer on soft clothing and snuggle up in a cozy room with our families. If your house doesn’t currently have the cozy atmosphere you desire, it is easy to create that feeling with one of these projects:  


Add a Mix of Textures


One of the simplest ways to add an instant feeling of coziness to a room is to add a mix of textures and make sure that there is plenty of softness in easy reach of each sitting area. Don’t keep your extra blankets in a linen closet, fold them to display next to each chair and couch so that your family and visitors are more tempted to make use of them. Be sure to mix the textures within each stack to create a feeling of warmth and depth in the room. For example, you can add a stack that contains a knit, fleece and thin blanket by the couch and place a second stack with a faux-fur and a knit throw by the recliner. 


Add Softness with Pillows


Sure, your couch is basically one big pillow, but you will be amazed at the instant coziness that a few extra down pillows adds. When you are choosing couches, you don’t have to limit yourself to what can fit on your couches. Instead, look for pillows that can be placed on chairs and benches as well. This will allow all of your guests who are looking for a place to sit an equal opportunity to find the comfort of a soft pillow.


Bring Warmth Through Color


One of the simplest ways that you can make the biggest difference in a room is by changing the color of the walls. If you want your home to feel cozier, add the warmest color from the color wheel, red. If you aren’t ready to commit to painting a whole room red, try painting a single accent wall or adding in red accent pieces, such as blankets, pillows or rugs.


“Wake up a monochromatic neutral palette with pops of a rich, warm color. Look for accent colors that are saturated, but have brown undertones to keep the look cozy,” advises Better Homes & Gardens online. “Repeat an accent at least three times in a space to make it stick.”


Add Detail Through Curtains


A room without detail feels temporary and rushed, and that is the antithesis of coziness. Curtains are one way to add detail to a room without cluttering it or compromising on walking space. If you want ornate curtains, however, you may find that they can be surprisingly expensive. Fortunately, you can buy simple curtains and transform them into something that feels rich and detailed with this easy DIY project from


“Buy an inexpensive pair of plain curtains (we like pleated ones) and amp them up with some grosgrain ribbon trim sewn vertically down the edges,” recommends “The heftiness of grosgrain will make them look expensive, and the subtle embellishment will turn forgotten-about curtains into a unique focal point.”


Unify and Soften Furniture


If you have one piece of furniture that is comfortable but has an unsightly appearance or simply doesn’t blend with your home’s décor, you don’t have to throw it out or spring for expensive reupholstering. Adding slipcovers to chairs and benches is an inexpensive way to give them new warmth and help them coordinate with the rest of your furniture. You may even wish to add slipcovers to furniture that already matches but is too cold, such as leather furniture. If you have a sewing machine, you can save money by making covers yourself with this tutorial from at


You don’t have to spend the winter in a home that lacks coziness. Any of these easy projects can turn your home from cold to cozy with a minimal amount of supplies and time. 

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