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How Sweating Benefits Your Body
Donít forget a towel to wipe down!

We all know that exercising has many great benefits for your body and overall heath, but how many people realize that just the simple act of sweating can also improve your well-being? Sweating can do everything from cleaning your pores to expelling toxins, as well as regulating your body temperature and helping to prevent kidney stones.
Prevents kidney stones
One unexpected benefit from sweating is actually a great preventative method against kidney stones.
“As your body temperature rises, your body will automatically perspire to release a salty liquid from your sweat glands to help cool you down,” explains Dr. Joseph Mercola, celebrity osteopathic physician.
This salt would otherwise enter your kidneys, where it would assist in the creation of painful kidney stones. The theory is that the more you sweat out the salt, the less chance it has entering your kidneys.
Helps maintain body temperature
If your body didn’t produce sweat, then you would just keep getting hotter and hotter, which could make your system malfunction, like an overheated car engine.
Sweat glands are designed to create sweat when activated by signals from the brain. These signals are triggered by an alert from the thyroid, which is essentially the thermostat of the body. Sweat is mostly water, so a layer of sweat on the body is designed to have the same effect as dousing yourself with water on a cool day. Even warm water can amplify a summer breeze and eventually evaporate to cool you off, according to
Assists in the fight against pimples
Think about sweating like washing your favorite coffee mug. Sweat cleans your pores from the everyday dirt that clogs them up. However, sweating only pushes that grime and dirt to the surface of your skin, so it’s still your duty to wash your face at least twice a day to maintain a healthy glow.
Sweating in a sauna
Many people choose to enjoy a few minutes in a sauna every once in a while, to relax and to get a good sweat going. But did you know that there are different types of saunas, which heat your body in completely different ways?
A traditional sauna heats the body from the outside-in while an infrared sauna heats from the inside-out. The infrared sauna is also able to heat your body a few inches deep. This helps the body to expel more toxins and also promotes more oxygenation in the tissue. Getting rid of those toxins supports good immune function and decreases your risk from diseases associated with toxic overload.
People usually always say that they feel better after working out, walking, or doing something else that causes them to sweat. It could be because of the toxins leaving their body, the pride that they feel from exercise, or because they know it’s helping them prevent those pesky pimples or kidney stones. Either way, when you start to feel yourself sweating, you should be happy to know that your body is rewarding you for sweating in many more ways than one.
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