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5 Foods You Didnít Know Contained So Much Sugar
Stay away from these five surprisingly sugar-laden foods

Itís no secret that the amount of sugar you consume affects your overall weight and belly size, but why exactly is that? Menís Fitness Magazine reports that people who eat too much sugar usually take in more calories than they are able to exercise awayĖand itís not just the obvious suspects such as soda and chocolate that cause people to pack on the pounds. There are many foods that people eat every day that contain more sugar than expected.

Jarred spaghetti sauce

Half a cup of Bertolli Vineyard Marinara sauce contains 12 grams of sugar. For reference, one teaspoon of granulated sugar is equivalent to four grams of sugar, according to WebMD. So that half-cup of marinara consumed with your pasta adds three teaspoons of sugar to your daily intake. By contrast, the World Health Organization advises that your total daily sugar intake should be between six and 12 teaspoons.

BBQ sauce

Bad news for grill masters who think grilling is the healthiest cooking option: the condiments commonly used on grilled meats are also loaded with sugar. For example, two tablespoons of Sweet Baby Rayís Honey Barbecue sauce contain 15 grams of sugar, while two tablespoons of Bullís Eye Brown Sugar & Hickory contains 14 grams of sugar.


According to Cosmopolitan, eating packaged bread from the local supermarket is not as healthy as eating fresh bread from a bakery or that you bake at home. Packaged bread can contain up to three grams of sugar per slice, or six grams of sugar per sandwich. Fresh bread from a bakery, however, or bread that you bake yourself, only needs a smidgen of sugar so that the yeast can be activated.


Yogurt can be very healthy, but thatís only if youíre eating the plain kind, suggests Fruit-flavored yogurts, such as Yoplaitís Original Flavored Yogurt, contain seven teaspoons of sugar. To enjoy flavored yogurts in a healthier way, WebMD advises creating your own yogurt flavors using plain yogurt and fresh fruit, like berries and bananas.

Granola bars

Granola bars sound healthy in theoryĖand they can be if they are made with unrefined sweeteners, like raw unsweetened cocoa or dates. On the other hand, one Quaker Oatmeal To Go Brown Sugar Cinnamon bar contains 19 grams of sugar, and one bar of Nature Valley Oats Ďn Honey contains three tablespoons of artificial sugar; both options are much too high in sugar for daily consumption.

The high sugar content of some foods, which many people assume are healthy, illustrates the importance of reading the ingredients lists on food items before serving the foods to your family.

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