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North Shore Trust & Savings: News You Can Trust | 847-336-4430 October 2014  
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June 2014
June 30, 2014
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Tips to Help Protect Your Identity
According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft has topped its list of consumer complaints every year, for the last 14 years. Identity theft occurs when a criminal obtains and misuses someone’s personal information without permission, typically for economic gain. For many victims, it can result in drained bank accounts, poor credit, and a damaged reputation.
North Shore Trust and Savings recognizes the devastating effects identity theft can have on an individual.

North Shore Happenings

Lindenhurst Branch's Annual Community Picnic held on September 13th.

Holiday Closings

We will be closed on:

Columbus Day, Monday, October 13, 2014...

Retirement Advice From Those Who’ve Been There
Recently retired men and women share experiences
Photo: Retirement Advice From Those Who’ve Been There
A recent BlackRock Annual Retirement Survey has shown that more than half of current retirees are confident they will be able to live comfortably throughout retirement. On the other hand, only about one-quarter of those workers that are currently below the retirement age are confident they will have enough income during their retirement ages. There are books and binders full of technical advice out there with intimidating numbers, percentages and formulas. Then there is the advice you can actually relate to, based on what truly lies ahead for future retirees, financially and emotionally.

Get Rid of the Debt Before You Retire
Paying interest on a fixed income is a no-win situation
Photo: Get Rid of the Debt Before You Retire
At this point, you know how essential it is to save for your retirement. What you're putting in your 401(k) and your IRA now is likely to be the source of most of your income later. But planning for retirement is about more than just making sure you have enough money coming in — it also means taking control of the money you have going out. And that means paying down your debt.

Online Banking Innovations
Keep up with the changing world of online and mobile banking
Photo: Online Banking Innovations
Online banking is incredibly convenient, and it’s only getting better. Whether you use your financial institution’s online tools every day for your business or only once a month to pay rent, they make everyone’s life a little easier. In order to make your financial life as easy as possible, however, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the current innovations in online banking, so that you’re using it most efficiently.

Teaching Your Child About Finances
How parents can affect kids’ money management
Photo: Teaching Your Child About Finances
Navigating the murky waters of finance with your child may seem like a daunting task. In reality, teaching children about finances may not be easy, but it is an essential venture if you don’t want your son or daughter to be up a creek without a paddle later in life.

Housing 101: Terms to Know Before Buying or Renting
by American Bankers Association

Whether you’re preparing to rent or buy, North Shore Trust and Savings and the American Bankers Association encourages you to be familiar with the following housing terms:

Halloween Candy Alternatives
Bypass the sugar for fun, colorful items kids (and parents) will love

Most any kid will say they want as much candy as they can round up when they knock on neighbor’s doors on Halloween. But getting overloaded with sugar isn’t the best plan. Some dentists around the country even have buyback programs where they offer prizes and other items for kids who turn in their Halloween candy stash. If you’re looking for some creative alternatives to passing out the sweet stuff, we have some ideas for you.

Electric, Hybrid and Diesel - Are They Right for You?
There are many options available to help reduce your carbon footprint
Photo: Electric, Hybrid and Diesel - Are They Right for You?
Gas prices have been high for quite some time now, so it’s no surprise that fuel efficient alternatives have been gaining popularity. Whether it’s a hybrid, diesel or even a fully electric model, there’s something available that both peaks your interest and can help make visiting your gas station a smaller part of your schedule or not necessary at all.

Five FAQs About the Flu Shot
What you should know about this important vaccine

Cooler weather brings the promise of many pleasant things: football, cardigan wearing and pumpkin spice lattes. But it also ushers in flu season, which is no one's definition of fun. The best way to avoid or minimize the effects of the flu is to be vaccinated against influenza each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Five Great Live Albums
These classics are worth a listen

Sure, even in the digital age people listen to full albums. With the rise of the mp3, however, most listen to individual tunes loaded to an iPod or other mp3 device instead of listening to a full album, start to finish. It is for that reason that the heyday of the live album format really was in decades past, and to find the best live albums of history, we need to look to the past. Here, for your consideration, are five of the best live albums ever made.

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June 2014

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