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North Shore Trust & Savings: News You Can Trust | 847-336-4430 October 2015  
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iDeposit Mobile
At North Shore Trust, we understand that sometimes going to the bank can be a chore.  You need to figure out when you can leave work to drive across town.  You need to either miss your lunch break or be late getting home, just to make a deposit.  Well not any longer! With our iMobile smartphone app and iDeposit, bankers’ hours become your hours. iDeposit allows you to deposits check anytime that is convenient for you, just like you'd gotten in the car and visited a branch – minus the construction delays and teller lines. iDeposit is easy, convenient and secure! Here is how it works:
  • First, log on to our iMobile app
  • Click the menu button and select Deposit a Check
  • Next, key in your deposit amounts and take photos of both the front and back of  your checks with your    smartphone or table camera.
  • The images are automatically formatted to ensure quality.
  • After the checks are submitted successfully, you will receive notification that the transaction was successfully completed. (NOTE: Holds or other limits may apply.)
  • It's secure! All transactions are transmitted with multiple layers of security and could be traced back to registered smartphones in case of fraud


Pay your bills for a chance to win up to $2,500

By paying your bills online with North Shore Trust and Savings' iBanking service you never have to worry about paying your bills on time again. Easily and quickly set up individual and business payees. Simply and securely track and manage your finances all in one place through your Online Banking account. Conveniently ​view and schedule your online bill payments in advance or on a recurring schedule. Effortlessly ​set up payment reminders to help keep track of when your payments are due. - See more at:

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Fannie Mae’s New Improved Lending Product HOMEREADY™

Implemented in September 2015 - Fannie Mae has announced HomeReady™ a new innovative home lending program designed to help credit worthy borrowers with lower to moderate incomes and minorities the access to affordable …


We will be closed on the following holidays for the rest of 2015:

Monday, October 12th, Columbus Day;

Wednesday, November 11th, Veterans Day;

Thursday, November 26th, Thanksgiving Day;

Thursday, December 24th, Christmas Eve-Close at 1:00 PM;

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