5 Unique Sports to Try this Spring
February 2019
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5 Unique Sports to Try this Spring
Five fun activities that will put some spring in your step

After a cold and lengthy winter season, temperatures start to climb and birds start to sing. If you’ve been feeling cooped up inside your home, spring presents an opportunity to break out of hibernation with a new and exciting sporting activity. Not only are these sports great for breaking out of the winter doldrums, but they’re also perfect for making new friends.

Disc golf

Disc golf, as the name suggests, combines the best of two seemingly disparate sports: Frisbee and golf. Like conventional golf, there are nine to 18 holes. To complete each one, you must throw the disc from the tee area toward the target and then again from each landing position until you sink it into the target. The end goal is to finish each hole in the fewest throws possible. On average, you can complete a game of disc golf in 40 minutes.


Handball requires two teams of seven players. Each team consists of six outfield players and one goalkeeper. Like soccer, each team strives to score as many goals as possible. Each player can pass the ball, dribble the ball or take up to three steps in three seconds without dribbling. A standard game includes two periods of 30 minutes. If you love team-based games that encourage cooperation and strategy, handball is easy to pick up and a blast to play.


Fencing is a sword combat sport in which you try to score points by striking your opponent while avoiding getting hit. There are three types of weapons in fencing: foil, epee and sabre. Foil uses a light thrusting weapon that targets the torso, but not the arms or legs. Epee involves a heavier weapon, and the entire body can be hit for points. For sabre, you use a light cutting weapon that leaves a mark anywhere above the waist, and you wear protective equipment made of tough cotton, nylon or Kevlar as well as a mask and special shoes. Fencing is a great workout that provides a unique skillset and makes for a great conversation starter.

Hardcourt bike polo

Hardcourt bike polo can be best summed up as hockey on bikes using croquet mallets. Your end goal is to strike a small ball into a goal for your team. At the start of a game, the ball is in the middle of the court; players attempt to gain control after the whistle sounds. A player can either hit the ball with a shot (a hit from either end of the mallet) or a shuffle (a hit from the mallet’s side). Players are only allowed to score using a shot. There are two kinds of hardcourt bike polo match: a traditional three-on-three contest where teams square off in a game that lasts ten to 15 minutes, and a squad version that doubles the team sizes and the duration of the match. Hardcourt bike polo is a rigorous activity that’s perfect if you have a competitive drive.

The start of a new season brings the opportunity to get out and get back into shape. These sports make it possible to become more fit while challenging yourself and having a lot of fun all at the same time.


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