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February 2019
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Add-Ons and Warranties: Are They Worth It?
A car is a major purchase, and even with diligent saving and careful budgeting, most consumers will feel stretched thin when signing on the dotted line. So, it’s understandable that when questions …

Pros and Cons of Biometric Authentication
What do you do when your mobile banking app introduces the idea of biometric authentication? If you’re not sure whether to opt in to this new layer of security, here’s what you need to know.

Should You Pay Down Debt or Save?
Should you put retirement savings first or is it better to be debt-free? Or is a combined effort your best plan of action on your quest for financial health and security?

How to Plan Your Retirement Using Age Banding
As you plan for retirement, two of the most important questions you can ask are “How much money will I need to maintain my standard of living?” and “How long will I need to live on that amount?” Age …

How to Raise Capital for Your Business
Very few people can raise the necessary capital themselves to launch a new business, especially if it is their first startup. Though a necessary part of the process, investing your own money may not …

Common Fraud Scenarios
Fraud situations are especially threatening to smaller enterprises, since they can lack sufficient resources to support accountability systems within their accounting department and software. The …

5 Unique Sports to Try this Spring
Five fun activities that will put some spring in your step
After a cold and lengthy winter season, temperatures start to climb and birds start to sing. If you’ve been feeling cooped up inside your home, spring presents an opportunity to break out of hibernation with a new and exciting sporting activity.

How to Prepare for Daylight Saving Time
Getting your body ready for the upcoming time change
With 2019 underway, your thoughts are likely already turning to the start of spring and the return of warmer weather. Before you can bask in the sunshine, there’s one bridge you’ll need to cross: daylight saving time.

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