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June 2011
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Park Bank Clients Save on AAA Memberships, Insurance

As a Park Bank client, you can save 20 percent on a AAA membership and enjoy discounts on AAA insurance. You also qualify for high-quality auto and home insurance coverage at a discounted rate, too.

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Should I Co-sign That Loan?
Avoid co-signing except in special cases

Most financial experts agree that co-signing a loan for a house, car or other situations is dicey business, except in rare cases such as a small personal or school loan for your child. When a financial institution requires a co-signer on a loan, it means that it has flagged the borrower as a high-risk candidate. Under these circumstances, if you choose to co-sign you’re agreeing to assume the financial burden should the borrower default on the loan. According to the Federal Trade Commission, some studies revealed that three out of four co-signers are requested to repay the loan, indicating a high rate of default.

Positive Pay Reduces Check Fraud
by Sam Huntington, CTP, AAP, CFP®

To a fraudster, the difference between $100 and $1,000 is "0." The difference to you is $900. That's why it is in your interest to take action against any alteration to the checks you write. And Park Bank makes it easy with Positive Pay.

Hometown Concert 2011
Rowdy Prairie Dogs To Be Let Loose Atop Park Bank

Verona is going to get rowdy before this year’s Hometown Days parade. That’s because the Rowdy Prairie Dogs will take to Park Bank’s rooftop stage for an hour-long concert to entertain gathering spectators.

Go Green, Save Green
There are 24 ways to be eco-friendly and save money doing it!
There’s no doubt about it; going “green” is no longer just for the super wealthy elite who can afford to put solar panels on their summer homes. In fact, going green is actually a great money saver. And let’s face it, in this economy, who isn’t looking to save a dollar or two?
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