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December 2011
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FAQ: What's the Daily Limit on My Debit Card?

During the holidays, it is not uncommon to spend more on a daily basis than usual. As a result, you may find yourself wondering whether there’s a limit on the amount you can charge to your debit card in a single day. Or, you may unexpectedly bump up against a limit you didn’t even know existed. So, just how much can you debit each day? It depends.

More Spending Means More ID Theft Risk
Keep these tips in mind for a cheerful holiday season

With the many competing demands for our attention during the holidays and the extra spending that comes with party-planning and gift buying, identity theft risks increase dramatically. Park Bank encourages our clients to take extra care this holiday season to protect their sensitive financial information.

Understanding Your Credit Score
This number will impact your finances, especially if you’re looking to get a loan

Photo: Understanding Your Credit Score
Interest rates aren’t just the numbers that determine how much money a financial institution will earn by giving you a loan; they are also rewards for handling your bills and other credit obligations responsibly. The lowest interest rates for auto, home and personal loans are given to those individuals with the highest credit scores, because they have proven not only that they can handle debt but also that they will follow the terms of the lending agreement.

Taking the Bank out of Banking

Tired of making daily runs to the bank to deposit your checks only to realize that the bank has closed? With Park Bank Remote Deposit you can deposit your checks electronically from your office to your account, at any time, saving you time and money.

Park Bank Holiday Hours

Park Bank's branch locations will be open during the upcoming holidays as follows:
December 24
December 26
December 31
 Normal Business Hours
January 2, 2012
We wish everyone a happy holiday season.

Five Helpful Tips to Teach Your Children About Money
If you give your child the tools, saving will become a way of life
Photo: Five Helpful Tips to Teach Your Children About Money Opening a savings account for your children or grandchildren is the perfect introduction to a bright financial future. Not only will they begin to accumulate savings, but they’ll learn lessons in managing their money as well. Parenting website states, “Kids love money and are all ears to find out more about it. But surveys show fewer than one in five parents [is] confident enough to have the ‘money talk’ with their kids.”
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