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June 2012
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Lenders Take Your Credit Score Seriously, So Should You

If you’ve been affected by the economic downturn – and who hasn’t? – you are probably aware of the tangible effects of having less buying power than you used to have. Given the important role credit plays in your financial outlook, it is essential to actively monitor and protect your credit profile.


Got ATM? Find one through our Access Network

If you're having trouble finding a surcharge-free ATM in Wisconsin, Park Bank's extensive ATM network, with hundreds of ATMs, can point you in the right direction.


Another Summer, More Lunch Time Live
Liven your lunchtime with some local music

Grab a friend and head down to the Capital Square every Tuesday at noon starting June 19 through August 7 for some live, local music.


Making and Sticking to a Household Budget
Track your spending and save for the future
Those who build wealth have learned the trick of spending less money than they make. This simple idea may sound too easy to be true, but it is the key to financial security. Fortunately, making and sticking to a household budget is something anyone can learn to do with a few simple tips and tricks.
Summer Landscaping
It's never too late in the season to work on your yard
Okay, summer is finally here. The lawn work and landscaping that you wanted to do all spring just didnít happen. Too many things got in the way. Great Ö now you have to wait until next spring? Nope. There are plenty of landscaping tasks you can do this summer to get your yard in shape.
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