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November 2012
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Pie Sale

Annual Thanksgiving Pie Sale Fundraiser for The Elkhorn Fund
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 in the Elkhorn Office Lobby

Tree Lighting & Santa's Reception

Tree Lighting
Downtown Elkhorn on the Square
November 30, 2012 @ 6:30pm
Santa's Reception
Matheson Memorial Library
November 30, 2012 @ 6:45pm

Start Your Tax Planning Early
Don’t wait until April to create strategies that can benefit you

Photo: Start Your Tax Planning Early
Think that worrying about your taxes before April will gain you nothing but prolonged stress? Actually, planning your tax strategy early can help alleviate the stress of filing taxes altogether. Even better, it can help you save money and make the best year-end financial plans. Early tax planning will also ensure that you fully acknowledge and understand your financial situation, which can help you plan for the future in more ways than just tax preparation.

Fuel-Efficient Car Options
Many 2013 model cars can save you money at the pump

Photo: Fuel-Efficient Car Options
When gas prices rise, many of us take a closer look at the fuel efficiency – or lack thereof – of our vehicles. “Just how much gas money would I save,” we ask ourselves, “if I bought a newer, more fuel-efficient car, truck, minivan or utility vehicle? Moreover, how can I find the most fuel efficient vehicle in my price range?”

Seven Tech Gifts This Holiday Season
What are the hottest new products this holiday?

When it comes to buying gifts during the holiday season, there is always one category that is interesting in terms of innovation. That category is tech gifts, as the latest gadget can be a fun and productive solution for that special someone. With that in mind, here are seven tech gifts for this holiday season.

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain
Try these eight simple tips to keep your waistline in check without depriving yourself

Every holiday season, we’re surrounded with tempting treats from Halloween through the New Year: overflowing candy pails, lavish holiday feasts, decadent desserts, calorie-laden (and delicious) drinks. And after months of indulging, our waistlines often show it. So how can you enjoy the tastes of the season without packing on the pounds?

Movies and Miniseries about Presidents
Catch a presidential flick this election year

America is known for its fascination with the life stories of presidents. Following is a list of recent or soon-to-be-released films about U.S. presidents. There is no better time to catch up on your presidential viewing than now, while the election season spirit is in the air.

Tucson, AZ
Get healthy and enjoy yourself in this Southwestern city

History, culture and a stunning Sonoran desert landscape surround Tucson. Visit Arizona's second largest city during the winter, when weather proves perfect.

Water Saving Tips
A few simple changes can result in significant savings on your utility bills

Conserving water saves both energy and money. When less water is used, your local water treatment plant does not have to expend as much energy recycling it and your water heater uses less gas or electricity to heat the water. When less energy is used, your electric and gas bills may be lower, and your water bill will also see a significant decrease.

Turkey Leftovers: Try Something New
Elevate leftover turkey with unique flavors

A hostess likes nothing better than to roast her Thanksgiving turkey and then watch her family dig into the meal with gusto. The day after all the work is over, tom turkey delivers another benefit — leftovers! While turkey sandwiches are always a favorite the day after, there are ways to elevate turkey leftovers when you try something new.

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