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March 2013
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Agriculture Loans
Did you know Peoples Bank offers Agriculture Loans? We can help you with buildings, facilities, land, real estate, annual operating, livestock and equipment. 
Call Dennis Moore today. He has over 15 years of lending and farming experience. 
Office: 262.723.4200            
Cell: 262.215.8588

Shred Day

Free Shred Day!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


837 N. Wisconsin Street (Elkhorn Parking Lot)

Let Peoples Bank help you start your spring cleaning off right!

Bring in your sensitive, outdated paperwork for immediate, on-site shredding and recycling. 

Financing Life’s Big Events
Tips on taking out loans for special events in life
Photo: Financing Life’s Big Events
Significant life events are happening all the time – your daughter is getting married, your son is heading off to college, you finally decided to retire and you’re planning that vacation of a lifetime. These are joyous occasions, so being stressed about how to fund them shouldn’t be overshadowing your experiences and your memories. Here are some tips on how to obtain a loan for these special events to help put your mind at ease.

Five Ways to Decrease Costs
Companies can help their bottom line with these suggestions
Photo: Five Ways to Decrease Costs
While businesses are obviously best served by steady income from high-volume sales and long-term customers, cutting costs certainly doesn’t hurt one’s bottom line either. With that in mind, here are a few helpful hints for reducing unnecessary spending, ranging from those you’ve never thought of to those you once implemented but have since forgotten about.

Features That Affect Vehicle Resale Value
Improve decision making at the dealership by considering long-term implications
Photo: Features That Affect Vehicle Resale Value
Should you choose a red or silver exterior? How about choosing between a manual or automatic transmission? Or how about choosing between four-wheel, rear-wheel or front-wheel drive? The features and options available for new cars are many, but one way to make decisions is to consider how they will affect the resale value of a vehicle down the road. With that in mind, here are a few tips to consider when you head to the dealership for a new vehicle.
Air-Conditioning Alternatives
Creative ways to use less energy, save on utility costs and preserve the environment

When the summer heat becomes oppressive, many people turn to air-conditioning for relief. While air-conditioners have their benefits, they can be a drain on the environment. They often consume large amounts of electricity, and older air-conditioners may contain harmful chemicals that pollute the surrounding air and environment.
Nuts for a Healthy Diet
The five most nut-ricious nuts for your diet

If you’re looking for a nut that’s also a nutritional powerhouse, don’t let those popular peanuts fool you — they’re not nuts, but legumes. Instead, consider cracking open these five protein-rich tree nuts to nosh your way to a healthier you.
Sundance Film Festival Winners
Would you give these Sundance winners two thumbs up?

The Sundance festival is one of the nation’s most respected film festivals. Not only do critics appreciate the often groundbreaking works presented, but many films that started at Sundance have gone on to touch, delight, and enlighten general audiences on a much larger scale. Here is a recap of some of the 2013 Sundance festival’s big winners.
Houston, Texas
Rodeo cowboys and international travelers alike find fun in the Bayou City

On its 2013 list of places to visit in the world, The New York Times ranked Houston, Texas, number seven. Take the newspaper’s advice and explore one of the most underrated cities in the country.
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