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August 2013
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Walworth County Fair
For years, Peoples Bank has been proud to be actively involved with the Walworth County Fair. Hopefully, you are planning to attend. If so, here’s where you’ll see us:
  • Sponsoring the fair employee t-shirts
  • Volunteering at the Meat/Animal Sale 
  •  Actively purchasing at the Meat/Animal Sale (did you know Peoples Bank has purchased over $70,000 at this sale over the past ten years to help support the youth of Walworth County?)
  • Presenting at the Walworth County Bankers’ Awards Ceremony
  • Sponsoring trophies and awards for various 4-H projects
We look forward to seeing you there! 

Peoples Bank Oktoberfest 5K Run & 2 Mile Walk

Peoples Bank is hosting its first ever Oktoberfest 5K Run & 2 Mile Walk on Saturday, October 19th. This exciting event will benefit three local non-profit organizations: The Elkhorn Fund, Kettle Moraine Land Trust, and Lakeland Animal Shelter. For more information on the event and to learn how to register, call Steve or Traci at 262.723.4200 or visit

Local Is Better — The Advantages of Local Financial Institutions
The benefits of local financial institutions over online banking
Photo: Local Is Better — The Advantages of Local Financial Institutions
Local is the hottest trend of the moment. The best restaurants use local ingredients, the best bars feature local music and the best galleries display local art. It turns out that local is also an important concept when it comes to how you manage your finances. Although online bank accounts offer some advantages, in many ways they can’t compete with local financial institutions.
Topics for Students Heading to College

Like vacationers packing for a cruise or workers buying a wardrobe for a new job, students beginning their freshman year at college are rightly excited about the journey they are about to begin. In addition to planning their technology needs and dorm room furnishings, new students might consider a variety of financial topics they will possibly face for the first time. During their early college years, students can benefit from setting aside even an hour or two to plan their finances, including these topics:

The Least Expensive Cars to Own
Five-year ownership costs are at least as important as the initial price tag
Photo: The Least Expensive Cars to Own
Everyone loves a low price tag, but judging new cars by their long-term ownership costs is at least as important. Taking into account such factors as purchase price, value depreciation, cost of insurance, maintenance and repairs, and fuel costs, the Scion iQ, Hyundai Veloster, Buick LaCrosse, Subaru XV Crosstrek and Chevrolet Volt are among the best in their categories.
Why Your Body Needs Iron
The facts about this essential mineral

Fitness fanatics often talk about pumping iron, but really, they should talk about how iron keeps them pumping. Iron is found in every cell of the body and is critical to blood cell production, oxygen flow, digestion and other bodily functions. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the United States.
Kennebunkport, Maine
Vacation in presidential style in this coastal village

If you've never been to Kennebunkport, Maine, odds are you've heard the name in relation to a famous family that has a summer home there: the Bushes. Enjoy a vacation worthy of a first family in this coastal village.
Best Actor and Actress Memoirs
Memoirs provide a more in-depth look at your favorite stars

While entertainment news shows on television report the comings and goings of our favorite stars, they only give us snapshots of their lives. A memoir by a popular actor or actress rewards readers with a more in-depth look at how and why they found immense success in television, movies or both. Following are some interesting and enjoyable memoirs by some of entertainment's brightest stars.
Five Summer Lawn Watering Tips
Blue water brings green lawns

Though it would be nice to rely on Mother Nature to keep your yard irrigated, that is just not the case anymore. To ensure a healthy and green lawn this summer and beyond, consider these five watering tips.
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