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October 2013
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Halloween Bake Sale for Charity
Looking for some yummy baked goods?  Stop into the Elkhorn Office Bank Lobby on Friday, October 25th and help support our employees as they raise money for a local charity by selling fresh baked goods.
Welcome Scott Squire

Peoples Bank is excited to announce the addition of Scott Squire to our Agricultural Loan Department. Scott comes to Peoples Bank with over 15 years of experience in agricultural lending.

The Peoples Bank Agricultural Loan Team can help you find the perfect loan, whether it is for buildings, facilities, land, real estate, annual operating, livestock and equipment.

To learn more about our agricultural loans please contact one of our knowledgeable, experienced lenders today!

Scott Squire
Office: 262.723.4200
Cell: 262.206.0977

Dennis Moore
Elkhorn Office: 262.723.4200
Janesville Office: 608.563.5446
Cell: 262.215.8588

Make a Statement with Your eStatement
What going paperless says about you and how it can help you out
Photo: Make a Statement with Your eStatement
Are you one of the millions of banking and credit card customers who still receives a paper statement in the mail each month? Resisting the push from your financial institutions to switch to electronic statements that arrive in your e-mail inbox? You might want to consider making the change.
Credit Scores and Loans
The relationship between your credit score and the loan you need
Photo: Credit Scores and Loans
If you’re interested in applying for a loan in the near future, you may be wondering about the relationship between credit scores and loans. Not only does your credit score impact the type of loan you can receive, loans also affect your credit score. The following information will help you understand more about the ways that loans and credit scores impact each other.

What You Need to Know About Business Law
The basics of commercial legalities and where to seek additional information
Photo: What You Need to Know About Business Law
Owning a small business means navigating the many laws meant to regulate U.S. businesses. Among the categories of law that businesses should be aware of are advertising and marketing law, employment and labor law, finance law, intellectual property law, online business law, workplace safety and health law and privacy law.

Five Surprising Automobile Values
These vehicles make for great investments, not to mention great rides
Photo: Five Surprising Automobile Values
Midsize SUVs aren’t the first category one might look at for value, but the 2013 RX450h – the “h” stands for hybrid – starts at an MSRP of $46,310 but made the US News and World Report’s Best Cars for the Money list because of its “outstanding fuel economy in a luxurious package” and “some of the best reliability ratings in its class.”
Sedona, Arizona
Relax and rejuvenate amidst the area's stunning red rocks

Sedona attracts a diverse mix of vacationers. Some visit for the stunning mountain scenery and easy access to outdoor activities, while others seek rejuvenation at area spas or from the many nearby energy vortexes. Just about everyone enjoys the Southwestern cuisine and shopping opportunities.
A Lifetime on Screen: Actors and Actresses with Long Careers
Favorite performers who stand the test of time

Some of our favorite actors and actresses are not the fly-by-night types that capture the spotlight for an intense but brief burst of fame. They are the ones who've stood the test of time with quality performances over many years. Here are a few examples of favorite actors who can boast of a lifetime of work on the big screen.
Halloween Candy Alternatives
Bypass the sugar for fun, colorful items kids (and parents) will love

Most any kid will say they want as much candy as they can round up when they knock on neighbor’s doors on Halloween. But getting overloaded with sugar isn’t the best plan. Some dentists around the country even have buyback programs where they offer prizes and other items for kids who turn in their Halloween candy stash. If you’re looking for some creative alternatives to passing out the sweet stuff, we have some ideas for you.
Five Tips for Sustainable Eating
Eat healthier by supporting locally grown products

Sustainable eating means eating whole foods that come from a local source. Most sustainable foods do not have labels and do not come in a box. In addition, they are foods that minimize harm to the environment during the growth and production process. Locally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as protein from animals that are raised in a humane way by independent farmers, are considered sustainable foods.
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