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February 2014
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It's Time to Fund your IRA
There’s still time to fund your IRA for your 2013 tax return.  Call or stop in to speak to a Personal Banker today! 
Elkhorn:  262.723.4200
Silver Lake:  262.889.4300 

Spotting Financial Fraud
Donít be a victim of a financial scheme
Photo: Spotting Financial Fraud
Each year, Americans lose an estimated $50 billion to financial fraud schemes. The most likely to be victimized are well-educated, financial-savvy males, age 55 and older. Thatís why itís important to be able to detect financial fraud.

Getting the Most from Your 401k
Making the right choices now can make all the difference later on
Photo:Getting the Most from Your 401k
You might think, ďOkay, I have a 401k ó so Iíll just invest a certain percentage of my paycheck into it until I retire, and then I can live the life!Ē But many times, your 401k can come up short, leaving you with less than youíre expecting during retirement. So how can you avoid a low 401k balance? Follow these easy tips to maximize your savings in the long run.
Best Ways to Grow a Savings Account
Easy ways to become an effective saver
Photo: Best Ways to Grow a Savings Account
If you have a savings account or are thinking about opening one, itís apparent that one of your biggest priorities is already saving money. And that means youíre looking for the best ways to keep that money coming in and watching your savings grow.

Guide to Buying a Motorcycle
Top tips to follow when purchasing your first motorcycle
Photo: Guide to Buying a Motorcycle
Some people dream of owning their own car or home. But if your fantasy is revving the engine on your very own Ducati or Harley Davidson, you may be ready to take the plunge and buy your first motorcycle. But where do you even begin? There are many things to consider when making the big purchase. Ask yourself these questions when motorcycle shopping:
South Padre Islands, Texas
Enjoy a beach vacation in the Lone Star State

South Padre Island sits on the coastal tip of Texas, drawing visitors from the Lone Star State, Mexico and beyond. While it remains a budget-friendly destination, you can also easily elevate a vacation to upscale status by following these suggestions.
Top Five Country Artists Who Made the Crossover
Check out these genre-bending favorites

Country music has long been the domain of veteran performers like George Strait, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard and a list of others that goes on for a country mile. Other more recent up-and-comers have made country music a mainstay on our radios and Internet streams. But some artists who were successful in other styles of music, decided to give country a chance as well. Here are five stars who did just that.
Five Steps for Preventing Kidney Stones
An ounce of precaution keeps a lot of ouch at bay

Chances are, you've either had a kidney stone or know someone who has. According to the National Kidney Foundation, one out of 10 people develops a kidney stone in his lifetime. That's a lot of excruciating pain ó and doctors say they're seeing more kidney stones all of the time, thanks to rising obesity rates.
Eco-Friendly Cooking
Why choosing local products can help your health and affect the world around you

As health and environmental concerns increase, more families are taking notice of the food they eat. Where does it come from? How is it harvested or processed? What ingredients are included?
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