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Investment Blogs to Bookmark  |  732-573-1136March 2019
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Investment Blogs to Bookmark
Where to keep up-to-date on the latest financial news

The world’s markets are constantly changing, influenced by investor feeling and current affairs. Keeping up with everything can be time-consuming, so consider following these trustworthy, to-the-point investing blogs for the latest alerts and market predictions.


You follow blogs on investing for the most recent and biggest news. Alap Shah, a contributor to, says that ValueWalk fits the bill. Referenced by senior leaders at Fortune 500 companies and hedge funds, the blog offers in-depth analysis of economic trends as well as coverage of breaking news as it happens. Most of the content on this blog is free, but you can pay for a more executive experience.

Dr. Ed’s Blog

If you know a bit about investments and are looking for a deeper look into how the economy works, consider checking out Dr Ed’s Blog. Anne Kates Smith and Nellie S. Huang, executive editor and senior associate editor of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, say that strategist Ed Yardeni’s analysis of the markets and how forces affect them is very understandable. He uses graphs and charts to help you visualize ideas that may be more complicated. Some of his past topics include detailed looks into various stocks, inflation and international trade. If you learn best by listening, he also has a video podcast you can watch.

Oblivious Investor

You can read a lot of blogs on this list without being an economist, but some of the articles will be a bit confusing without a basic understanding of certain concepts. AARP contributor Jean Chatzky recommends Oblivious Investor for answers to the most common investing questions. Author Mike Piper, a certified public accountant and financial planner, started writing when he got tired of answering emails full of questions from friends and relatives. Several of the articles address taxes, but there are quite a few pieces about retirement planning and investing basics.

Memos from Howard Marks

The best investing advice comes from the leaders of management firms charged with growing their investors’ money. The team at Forbes recommends checking out Oaktree Capital Management’s site. The site hosts Memos from Howard Marks, the Chartered Financial Analyst and co-chairman of the company, as well as other insights from its leaders. Marks only posts a couple times a year, but when he does, it’s a long message that dives headlong into current topics and their impact. It might not be the same as an appointment with him as your personal financial advisor, but it’s the next best thing.

Following investing blogs is a great way of learning more about the economy, how it affects your money, and what to do to earn more in the long run. Before you make any big jumps, though, remember to contact your financial planner to make sure all of the strategies fit your needs.

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