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Apps to Help You Manage Your Business’ Money  |  732-573-1136April 2019
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Apps to Help You Manage Your Business’ Money
Handle business finances on the go with these six mobile apps

For many business owners, accounting, payroll and other financial tasks either demand many hours of labor or require costly professional assistance. Fortunately, a variety of mobile apps are available to help small businesses reduce the time and expense associated with managing their finances.


Tracking expenses, collecting receipts and controlling costs can be tedious tasks for business owners. The Expensify app, available for both iOS and Android devices, centralizes and streamlines these tasks in one intuitive spot. Within the app, users can track mileage, take pictures of expense receipts for automatic submission, approve expense reimbursements and compile reports. U.S. News & World Report contributor Maryalene LaPonsie points out that Expensify can even source transactions from company credit card accounts in case an employee loses an expense receipt before submitting it.


The FreshBooks app provides a variety of free, cloud-based invoicing and accounting services for businesses. Compatible with both iOS and Android, FreshBooks offers invoice creation, automated task management, automatic client billing, credit card payment processing, expense tracking and business report compilation. Writing for Fundera, financial editor Ben Rashkovich notes that FreshBooks also boasts an easy-to-use design and strong customer service in case users encounter any problems.


Available for iOS devices, InDinero is a one-stop financial management app for small businesses. Rosemary Peavler of The Balance Small Business writes that InDinero can be synced with all of a business’ financial institutions and credit card accounts to automatically tally and categorize expenses. InDinero also tracks invoices, produces budget analyses, compiles financial reports and offers tax preparation resources. All of InDinero’s services are accessible through a simple, intuitive dashboard interface for mobile devices.

QuickBooks Online

Many businesses and independent contractors already make use of QuickBooks’ impressive suite of accounting services. With QuickBooks Online, most of these services can be accessed via iOS or Android devices. Whether they’re in the office or on the go, users can send invoices, create cost estimates, view financial data, manage receipts and more with the app’s clearly laid-out interface. QuickBooks offers several pricing tiers so businesses can pay for only the services they need.


SurePayroll’s app gives business owners a simple, affordable way to handle the entire payroll process. Available for Android and iOS, SurePayroll facilitates payments to employees, collects payroll data like tax deductions and hours worked, tracks vacation time and compiles summaries of key information. Peavler of The Balance notes that SurePayroll is also available as an employee app, making it easy for workers to track pay stubs, time off and other details.


With versions for both iOS and Android, the Wave app offers an array of easy-to-use business services. These include invoicing, customer payments, expense tracking, receipt scanning, payroll management, tax prep and accounting. According to Steve Nicastro of Nerdwallet, Wave was specifically developed to serve the needs of small businesses and independent contractors. As part of this mission, Wave offers many of its services, including accounting, receipt scanning and invoicing, free of charge.

From comprehensive accounting assistance to more specific functions like payroll and expense tracking, these six mobile apps provide a multitude of services designed to help businesses manage their money more effectively.

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