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Creative Ways to Celebrate Earth Day  |  732-573-1136April 2019
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Creative Ways to Celebrate Earth Day
Celebrate Mother Earth and all her gifts on Earth Day

Earth Day reminds us of a too-easily-forgotten truth: our everyday behaviors have an effect on our planet’s health. Think about using this Earth Day to practice habits that conserve resources, promote cleaner air and encourage better health for yourself and your family and friends.

Grow your food

A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to plant a vegetable garden at home. Growing your own food provides a fun bonding experience with your family and helps you cut down on the need to shop for produce at the grocery store. Furthermore, you know absolutely where the food is coming from and how it’s being treated, so you won’t have to worry about the presence of harmful pesticides. Get your kids in on the act by tasking them with planting their favorite fruit or vegetable and caring for it throughout the season. This will help teach them about — quite literally — enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Ditch the car

If you have somewhere to be on Earth Day and the weather permits, consider keeping your vehicle in the garage or driveway and heading out on a bike or on foot. If you can’t avoid making a commute in a vehicle, consider carpooling with some friends or colleagues or giving public transportation a go. The impact of vehicles on the environment is quite immense. While your single-day reduction of emissions may not make a substantial difference, you may find yourself enjoying the exercise and camaraderie, leading to a new habit that really helps make a difference.

Go play outside

It’s very easy to get caught up in the digital world, whether it be browsing the internet, scrolling through your social media feeds or spending hours in front of a video game or television show. This Earth Day, turn off the TV, close your laptop and put your phone away and go outside for a full day of fun. You can enjoy a hike on a nature trail with your friends, have a picnic in the park with your family or play a game of catch with your neighbors. If you have an arboretum, garden or national park in your area, take the opportunity to explore and see the beauty that nature has to offer.

Live eco-friendly at home

A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to build a day of sustainable living around the home. You can start with more mundane tasks like changing out old lightbulbs for more efficient LED bulbs, gathering up old clothes and accessories for recycling or donation and checking your faucets to make sure they aren’t leaking. Outside, you can set up feeders and cultivate areas of the yard to accommodate squirrels, birds and insects, or you can pick up litter around the neighborhood. Build your day up to a healthy, delicious home-made meal using only locally grown or home-grown foods and round out the evening with some reading by candlelight. 

Efficiency with our resources and fostering cleaner air have positive impacts on our health and wealth, as well as others. Make this Earth Day your recommitment to being responsible with the daily privilege of living on this planet.

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