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How to Spot Phishing Messages Like A Pro
From The Desk of Lee A Page, VP Senior Information Security Officer

The Federal Trade Commission’s definition of phishing is “when a scammer uses fraudulent emails or texts, or copycat websites, to get you to share valuable personal information.” When a user falls for a phishing message, the malicious actor achieves their purpose of getting the victim to hand over sensitive information such as login names and passwords. Though we count on technologies and controls to minimize threats, phishing exploits users through social engineering, which allows the malicious actors to side step these protections. This is why it is important that everyone learn to spot these fraudulent messages. Let’s take a look at some example emails of phishing messages.


Daniela Dreams Big!
"Work hard. Have a plan. Make wise choices that take you there.”

Born on the volcanic archipelago of Fogo, one of 10 Cape Verdean islands located off the western coast of Africa, she learned early in life the value of adversity. Raised by an aunt from age 9, she graduated high school, reconnected with her mom in Portugal where college was a financial impossibility, immigrated to the U.S. without knowing a word of English, repeated a year and a half of high school to learn the language, joined 300 people at Faneuil Hall 2013 being sworn in as U.S. citizens, and with high honors in Economics is the first in her family to graduate from college.


To All Our Friends and Clients
James M Dunphy, CEO As I look over the past year, it is with great pleasure and pride we were able to bring two fine intuitions together. The energy and attitude of our employees and clients is great to watch, as our organizations and systems have come together. With our strong history dating back to 1833 we are excited to bring our community banking throughout Eastern Massachusetts, with involved and active team members helping our clients. As a local bank our commitment to the community is important to all of us at South Shore Bank. You will generally find one of us at most events throughout the South Shore and when you do, please make sure we have a chance to interact with each other.

Building Your Teen’s Credit Score
Start building your teen’s credit before they even move out.
When your teen finally takes the big leap and moves out of the house, they’re going to need a solid credit score for a lot of life steps: renting an apartment, getting a loan or finding a good deal on insurance. For that reason, it’s important that teens build up their credit scores before they move out.

Hassle Free Student Checking

Our Student Checking Account is perfect for those between the ages of 16 to 24. There are no monthly fees*, no minimum balance required and opening an account is hassle-free. Click Here to learn more!


The following employees are celebrating July work anniversaries:

Peter Lung – 2 years
Matthew Pretti – 2 years
Starr Anderson – 3 years
Ripple Adhuria – 3 years
Christine Barry – 5 years
Matthew Manganiello – 10 years
Alicia Martell – 10 years
Kerri-Ann Moores – 12 years
Steven Quigley – 12 years
Mark Pitts – 13 years

Their commitment and dedication is truly appreciated by everyone here at South Shore Bank!

2018 South Shore Bank's Golf Classic
Golf for a Cause...
2018 South Shore Bank's Golf Classic
South Shore Bank has a proud history of being actively involved in our communities, dedicating both time and money to effect positive change. Whether it is support of civic activities such as the cub scouts, road races, local school programs or the little league; or our giving to local food pantries, affordable housing programs, hospice programs, cancer research facilities, educational, and childhood abuse prevention centers, South Shore Bank stands ready to support our community.

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