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A Message from Pamela J. O'Leary
Welcome September!
Pamela J O'Leary, Cheif Operating & Technology Officer First and foremost – thank you for choosing South Shore Bank as your trusted financial partner!

Secondly, a big welcome to September. The month that signals new beginnings. A time of change – crisp morning dew, Autumn clean-up, wind in our hair. In addition, for many, it’s back to school. Here we reconnect with friends, hone our talents, and learn new skills thanks to the myriad of educators who work tirelessly to help mothers and fathers, caretakers, siblings, and children explore previously unknown possibilities.


Want to Keep Your Data? Back It Up!
The Importance of Having a Data Back Up Plan.
Back it Up! We all know it happens – computers crash, malware infects them, or somebody downloads that cool, new program that crashes everything! While there are many tips and tricks of great value for preventing your devices and data from being compromised, it is important to also have a backup of your information in case something goes wrong!

Backups are copies of key information or data that are stored separately from your device. By storing these separately, you can restore your data or device using these backups and get right back to full working order. With threats of Ransomware, which encrypts and renders your personal files inaccessible, this is a real concern. Below we will explore some key concepts on creating and will provide resources that assist you in making decisions on how to best create this essential type of redundancy in your life.


Do You Qualify for Green Tax Deductions?
Going green is even easier with these tax deductions
Is your home energy efficient? When it comes to going green, people often think of tax incentives offered to large companies for using more efficient systems in their office buildings. However, a number of green tax incentives are available to individuals as well. Your answers to the following questions could make a notable impact on your tax deductions.

The Right Card to Fit Your Lifestyle
Our New Credit Cards

Our Family of Credit Cards

South Shore Bank is pleased to introduce our new family of credit card products! We’re proud to offer our new credit card options which feature low APRs, fraud protection and the local friendly service you've come to expect from us. We place great value in our client relationships and are proud to offer you these exciting new credit card products.



The following employees are celebrating August work Anniversaries:
  • Maryellen Leahy   32 years
  • Sally Hughes   22 years
  • Heather Wilson   16 years
  • Jacqueline Knight   6 years
  • Matthew Proctor   5 years
  • James Luongo   5 years
  • Jennifer Mitchelson   3 years
  • Carolina Betancur   3 years
  • Tracey Kulik   3 years
  • Andrew Pope   2 years
  • John Barron   2 years
  • Douglas Sanroma   1 year
  • Denise DeNitto   1 year
  • Glenn Loury   1 year
Their commitment and dedication is truly appreciated here at South Shore Bank!

Client Appreciation Days at Wollaston Branch New Location
Amelia Liu of Braintree enjoys her scoop.
Amelia Liu
South Shore Bank was proud to hold two client appreciation events at our re-located Wollaston Branch, at 699 Hancock Street, now with plenty of parking.

As a show of appreciation to our clients, an ice cream truck was on site dishing out free frozen treats for clients and visitors on Thursday August 23rd. There were giveaways and raffles provided by South Shore Bank.


South Shore Bank Hosts Brunch
New Weymouth Educators Induction Day
New Educators Induction Brunch Weymouth
South Shore Bank hosted a brunch for the Weymouth’s New Educators Induction on Tuesday, August 21, 2018 to show our appreciation for the new educators in our area, and to introduce them to the work we do as a bank for communities and the public schools in our banking footprint.

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