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Community Banker Brings Community Service Abroad
It’s all about the connections we make in our lives...
Joanne C Tully, SVP Director Client Experience As a Community Banker it has always been in my DNA to give back to the communities that we serve. I am fortunate that my position has allowed me to spend a lot of time in the community, helping wherever I can, and making some great connections along the way.

It’s all about the connections we make in our lives that lead to new opportunities.  My connection to the Constanza Medical Mission started over thirteen years ago, when Deacon Joe Vitello (who I knew through the Bank) founded the Mission in a remote and impoverished area of the Dominican Republic.  I was so impressed that Joe worked very hard and was so enthusiastic to help the folks in that region, bringing much needed medical care and comfort to the poor.


Avoiding Many Types of Malware
Common Types of Malware and Their Effects
Every day as we use our devices, browse the Internet, and open emails, we are also exposing those devices to potential malware (malicious software). Malware is any software that is designed to cause damage to and/or unauthorized access to devices or networks. Malware comes in many forms, all of which can have negative effects for your device and for you. With a little extra vigilance, and some good habits and practices, you can greatly reduce your likelihood of having a device infected with malware and can minimize the impact to your device, data, and life, in the event that it does become infected. Below we will explore a few common types of malware and their impacts, as well as some tips and practices that can help you as you go about your connected life.

South Shore Bank's Face2Face® Teller
Personal Banking with the Touch of the Screen!

South Shore Bank Face2Face Teller Machine

With our Face2Face® teller, you'll talk to a live person who can...

  • Answer your banking questions
  • Cash checks to the penny
  • Make your deposit
  • Withdraw money for you
  • Make a loan payment
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Get your account balance and other information
  • Plus, Face2Face® extended hours makes it easier on your schedule
Tap on the screen. No card needed.


The following employees are celebrating October work Anniversaries:

  • Joyce Duhaine 46 years
  • Susan Burns 40 years
  • Karen Peddell 32 years
  • Paul Pecci 29 years
  • Janice Walsh 25 years
  • Phyllis Fitzpatrick 23 yrs
  • Mary Lynch 18 years
  • Christina DeMaio 12 years
  • Tracey DePhillips 10 years
  • Monalisa Rodrigues-McLaren   8 years
  • Dea Semini 7 years
  • Elizabeth Powers 7 years
  • Suzanne Dooley 6 years
  • Catherine Chung 2 years
  • Mary Leonard Golden 1 yr
  • Rashal Chahine 1 year
  • Samantha Joyce 1 year
  • Andrew Costa 1 year

2018 Golf Classic - Our Thanks to All Contributors
South Shore Bank & it's Business Clients Continue to Support the Community
2018 Golf Classic
South Shore Bank has a proud history of being actively involved in our communities, dedicating both time and money to effect positive change. Whether it is support of civic activities such as the cub scouts, road races, local school programs or the little league; or our giving to local food pantries, affordable housing programs, hospice programs, cancer research facilities, educational, and childhood abuse prevention centers, South Shore Bank stands ready to support our community.

South Shore Bank "LIVE" on Facebook
Recently South Shore Bank went “live” on Facebook for our Wollaston BBQ event. What is Facebook "live"? It means by simply tapping the "live" button on Facebook, South Shore Bank was instantly broadcasted to of our followers "live". We were able to interact with you in real time. Great comments were received and insightful questions were asked!

South Shore Bank is proud to be instantly available to our valued friends and followers. Thank you!

Please look for more “live” instant broadcasts coming soon.

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