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When Clients Need Help...South Shore Bank is Here!
I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful summer! Unfortunately, con artists don’t take a summer vacation.

Recently I had a longtime client call me for some advice. She had advertised online for an apartment she had for rent and received an email from what seemed to be the perfect tenant. They were out of state but moving to our area for a new job. They quickly put a bank check in the mail to secure the apartment. The check arrived, but strangely, it was for $2,700 more than she had requested.  Of course, this “tenant” sent an email noting his “mistake” and asking my client to just deposit the check and wire the $2,700 back quickly.  “Does this sound strange to you?” she asked.  Well, no, not strange…. just an all too common scam that is costing consumers across our country millions of dollars each year.

Staying Cyber-safe on a Summer Vacation
Typical travelers heading out on their summer vacation check that they have the right supplies and clothes for their trip before they hit the road. Expert travelers will be also checking to ensure they are educated and prepared to be cyber-safe with their devices and data while on the road! Thinking of your smartphones and devices as being just as important as your wallet is a proper step in the right direction. These devices contain everything from your banking and payment information to your treasured family photos, and ensuring they are secure and protected when away from home is paramount. In partnership with the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA), we have put together some key tips, strategies, and resources to aid you in being secure during your travels.

When to Start Saving for the Holidays
Strategies for a debt-free holiday season
Although summer is in full swing and the holidays seem like they’re a world away, it’s never too early to plan for the holidays.

July Employee Anniversaries

  • Susan Rhodes 31 yrs.
  • Susan Hanifan 31 yrs.
  • Christina Gomes 27 yrs.
  • Linda Boisvert 24 yrs.
  • Kevin Coote 21 yrs.
  • Mark Pitts 14 yrs.
  • Steven Quigley 13 yrs.
  • Kerri-Ann Moores 13 yrs.
  • Alicia Martell 11 yrs.
  • Matthew Manganiello 11 yrs.
  • Starr Anderson 4 yrs.
  • Matthew Pretti 3 yrs.
  • Peter Lung 3 yrs.
  • Lisa Prioli 1 yr.
  • Michael Hanifan 1 yr.

Their commitment and dedication is truly appreciated here at South Shore Bank!

Our Clients are Talking
Shepard Construction
Bob Shepard of Shepard Construction and Development, LLC has more than 30 years of experience in real estate development, acquisition, construction and property management. His portfolio includes a 370,000 square foot landmark office in Boston, The Cook Estate in Cohasset and many beautiful residential homes. He has also worked internationally, creating a 594-unit Caribbean resort. With such an established and booming business, Bob and his staff need a bank that accommodates busy schedules, while at the same time securely and efficiently managing their accounts.

Thanks to South Shore Bank's Mortgage Division, Residential Lending is a Lot Less Stressful
When you buy or refinance a home, you’re investing in the community where you live and vacation. South Shore Bank believes that your Mortgage provider should be a vested part of your community.

Since 1833, South Shore Bank has been known for its caring, client-focused service. The Mortgage Division is a full-service lender with dedicated professionals who serve the needs of home buyers, builders and real estate lenders throughout the community.

Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, refinancing, buying your first home or purchasing a vacation home, South Shore Bank’s Mortgage Division provides the expertise and step-by-step support to carry you through a process that can sometimes seem overwhelming.


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