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Proper Planning is Key to a Successful Financial Future
Fall is not only a good time to finish up those summer projects and prepare your home and property for the onslaught of winter, it is also a great time to really assess your financial goals and lay the groundwork for establishing your financial plans for the coming years. This is the best time – before you get too wrapped up in the craziness of the holiday season – to pull out your 401k statements, your various bank statements and insurance policies, and make an assessment of how well you are doing with your annual budget. Are you spending more than you are making? Have you been able to save the money that you had hoped to when you set your goals last year? Do you have sufficient insurance coverage to protect your family in the event of the unthinkable? Have you got around to finalizing that will that you have talked about for the last ten years, or looked into establishing that trust that you were reading about?

Free Trial Offers – Make Sure to Read the Fine Print
You’ve probably seen online ads with offers to let you try a product – or a service – for a very low cost, or even for free. The "free trial" might come with a small shipping and handling fee. You think you're only paying a couple of dollars, so why not give it a try?  However, what you may not realize is that by giving over your debit or credit card information for the initial purchase you are also authorizing future (and much higher) charges if you don’t cancel prior to the trial period end date.

Compassionate Banking: Caring for your parents
Man "Mom and dad are not doing well, how do I help them?"

Great question. Would it add to the frustration, fear and unknown to reply; "It depends?" There are so many variables, so many situations and so many possible outcomes that the answer has to start with a question, "It depends?"


Identifying Your Wants Vs. Your Needs
Practices that reduce your spending and save you money
The foundation of successfully managing your finances is budgeting, and a pillar of budgeting is learning to distinguish your needs from your wants.

Three New Locations!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently added Face2Face machines at three additional branches.


October Employee Anniversaries

  • Joyce F. Duhaine 47 yrs
  • Susan Burns 41 yrs
  • Karen A. Peddell 33 yrs
  • Janice Walsh 26 yrs
  • Phyllis Ann J. Fitzpatrick 24 yrs
  • Mary Lynch 19 yrs
  • Christina M. Kemp 12 yrs
  • Tracey L. DePhillips 11 yrs
  • Monalisa Rodrigues-McLaren 9 yrs
  • Dea Semini 8 yrs
  • Elizabeth A. Powers 8 yrs
  • Suzanne Dooley 7 yrs
  • Ka Wah Catherine Chung 3 yrs
  • Golden Mary Leonard 2 yrs
  • Andrew Costa 2 yrs
  • Liem A. Tran 1 yr
  • Elona Xhelepi 1 yr
  • Joseph S. Gracia 1 yr
  • Bethliz Rivera 1 yr

Their commitment and dedication is truly appreciated here at South Shore Bank!

Our Clients are Talking
Elatus Essential Support Services, Inc.
“Every team member [of South Shore Bank] I’ve met goes above and beyond to come up with solutions for my specialized business needs.” David Rapaport, Veteran, CEO, Elatus Essential Support Services, Inc.


South Shore Bank Golf Classic
It was a beautiful day to be out on the golf course at Pinehills as 144 golfers teed off at South Shore Bank’s Annual Golf Classic to support and benefit community, charitable, educational and other benevolent purposes.


Presenting the Class of 2019!
Leadership South Shore
“Presenting the Class of 2019 . . . you may now toss your caps!”  Wednesday, September 25th, a large gathering celebrated the graduation of the third cohort of Leadership South Shore.  Jim Dunphy, South Shore Bank CEO and founder of the program here on the South Shore was on hand to present each of the graduates with a Certificate of Completion and a congratulatory plaque. Also in attendance were past program graduates, the incoming cohort (Class of 2020) and representatives from companies who have supported cohort attendance.

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