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Saving Energy in Warmer Weather
Easy ways to spend less money cooling your house this summer
Unless you want your bank account to drain all season, follow these techniques to save energy while staying cool this summer.

Social Saver
How social distancing is saving you money
Social distancing’s major benefit is that it is slowing the spread of the coronavirus. But there’s another upside of this new (hopefully, temporary) way of life: It can save you money. Let’s look at some items you’re likely spending way less on thanks to the fact that you’re not out and about as normal.

May Work Anniversaries

  • Joanne C. Tully 41 yrs
  • Noreen  Cahill 37 yrs
  • Lynn A. Tempesta 30 yrs
  • Lee  Page 26 yrs
  • Jilliane  Vail 23 yrs
  • Maryellen  Kelley 18 yrs
  • Gloria E. Campbell 13 yrs
  • Patrick C. Dougherty 9 yrs
  • Jack J. Mannion 5 yrs
  • Daniel A. Picha 4 yrs
  • Daniela F. De Pina 4 yrs
  • Anthony  Castaldi 4 yrs
  • Andrew W. Luscombe 4 yrs
  • Lauren  Swanson 4 yrs
  • Kristen M. Wolfe 4 yrs
  • Timothy J. Bradway 3 yrs
  • Peter  Nguyen 3 yrs
  • Patrick J. Collins 2 yrs
  • Latia A. Williams 2 yrs
  • Kevin  Dabrieo 2 yrs
  • Andrea M. Allan 1 yr
  • Chase A. Hoffman 1 yr
  • Jane C. Barry 1 yr
  • Seanna  Grant 1 yr
  • Maegan E. O'Leary 1 yr
Their commitment and dedication is truly appreciated here at South Shore Bank!

Our Clients are Talking
Quincy Asian Resources, Inc.

Quincy Asian Resources, Inc. (QARI) is a not-for-profit immigrant social services agency that has been providing a broad array of services to Quincy’s Asian and immigrant community for almost twenty years. It offers multilingual information and referrals, immigration support, workforce development, adult education, youth programs and cultural events. During this unprecedented time, QARI also provides COVID-19 support in order to minimize fear, misinformation and the language barriers that might prevent people’s access to answers and resources. It is also partnering with its workforce partner, Brooks Brothers, in creating personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers and the U.S. Navy. When QARI President and CEO Philip Chong learned that South Shore Bank was one of the banks approved to handle the government CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program loans, he was grateful to apply with an institution he knew and trusted.

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