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Updated Guide to Benefits for your WSB Mastercard Debit Card
Notice of Insurance Benefit Cancellation

Your WSB Mastercard® benefits will be updated due to changes in Mastercard's debit program.

Beginning July 1, 2019, Mastercard will make the following changes:

Mastercard will no longer be offering the Price Protection benefit.

Mastercard will offer a new Enhanced ID Theft Resolution benefit. Get peace of mind from the new security tool through:

  • credit monitoring
  • high-risk transaction monitoring and alerts
  • white-glove restoration service

There are many benefits that come along with your Mastercard debit card from Watertown Savings Bank! Enjoy Mastercard’s Zero Liability, Extended Warranty, Satisfaction Guarantee, Airport Concierge, Preferential Access, and Global Service such as Emergency Card Replacement, Cash Advance, and Lost/Stolen Card Reporting.

For detailed information and the Guide to Benefits, visit watertownsavings.com/debit

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Tip of the month: Turn your debit card 'on' and 'off'

Imagine this: you think you’ve misplaced your debit card at home or was it when you left it at the restaurant after paying the bill, or maybe you dropped it as you were running late to your next appointment? Regardless of the circumstances, you now have the option of turning your debit card ‘off’ to prevent any unwanted, fraudulent transactions while you try to find your card.

Download the WSB Mobile Banking app and from there tap on “Manage my cards”. It’ll give you the option to ‘block’ your card to keep your account safe and secure.

Tips for Outdoor Entertaining
Providing the perfect venue for a fun party

Before you send out that event invite on Facebook or text your friends about a big gathering at your place, have a plan ready to turn your humble abode into the perfect place for entertaining.
Traveling During Retirement
How to make the most of your golden years and see the world

When you retire, you have more time on your hands to see the world. However, with your fixed budget, planning your expenses out ahead of time is of utmost importance.
You’re Invited to our Customer Appreciation Cookouts

You know summer is here when Watertown Savings Bank starts its Customer Appreciation Cookouts! It all starts June 21 at our Arlington Branch (980 Mass Ave) and runs through September 20! Let’s catch up over hot dogs, chips, dessert, and more! See you soon at one of our branch locations that will be hosting the cookout!
Sandy's Financial Corner
Time for a Mid-Year Investment Check

Many investors may be inclined to review their portfolios only when markets hit a rough patch, but careful planning is essential in all economic climates. So whether the markets are up or down, periodically reviewing your portfolio with your financial professional can be an excellent way to keep your investments on track, and midway through the year is a good time for a checkup. Here are three questions to consider.

Read more about financial planning and investing and schedule an appointment with Sandy Penchansky, CFP® to discuss your Insurance options that fit your needs.
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