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April 2016
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A Personal Note to Our Members from CEO/President, Ben Neal:
We would like to thank the Lenco Credit Union membership for your understanding during the recent outbreak of Debit Card fraud. If you were unaware, Financial Institutions all around the nation saw a huge spike in fraud over the past weekend and we were not immune. Rest assured this was NOT due to a security breach with your credit union information, but rather it would appear to be the result of a much larger breach of a merchant's data base.

We feel it is important to be proactive and forthright with our members. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We take fraud very seriously and we took the necessary steps to reduce exposure to our member accounts and protect your money. When it matters most, we are protecting your accounts and providing you with the best security possible. So you can rest assured your money is in the right hands.

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