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May 2016
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April 2016

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Spring into Savings with a Loan!
Buying an auto or would like to refinance at a lower rate?  Buying out your lease?  Lenco Credit Union is the place to get your loan.  Lenco offers auto rates as low as 1.89%!!  Spring is here and a great time to purchase a new vehicle or save money and refinance the one you have.

Ask us about our low rate auto loans today.  Get pre-approved before you look.  Itís easyÖ apply online, stop by one of our offices, or give us a call.

Lenco Credit Union.  A brighter future.

Tips for Getting the Best Car Loan
Get the best loan possible

As with any big purchase, when purchasing a car youíll want to make sure that you get the best deal possible, and that requires being smart about getting a car loan. Many people tend to overlook …

Do You Need a Checking and Savings Account?
Why having both is certainly necessary

You probably already know what a checking account and a savings account are óso is it really necessary to have both? The simple answer is: yes.

Donít Let Emotions Get in the Way of Your Financial Decisions
How feelings could sway you, and how to avoid them from doing so

As human beings, we are naturally emotional creatures. Itís only natural that we have a habit of carrying our emotions into various areas of our lives…

To-Do List for Getting Finances in Order
How to get financially organized

Do you often find youíre scatterbrained when it comes to keeping your finances in order? More important, do you spend more than you can afford? More …

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